Recolonization Efforts

As you may have heard, the Epsilon Alpha Chapter voluntarily relinquished its charter in 2009 for the inability to attract and retain new members. Since that time there have been many discussion about bringing the chapter back to campus, but nothing has ended up coming together.

Two hot ticket items needed to bring the chapter back are consistent alumni involvement and a plan for housing.

While there has been a great deal of support offered by Epsilon Alpha alumni from all over the country, there is a need to develop a stronghold in the Tucson/Phoenix area with multiple alumni taking on leadership roles. Homecoming has, once again, become a staple that continues to be built upon; however, there needs to be additional opportunities (like a spring gathering) for alumni to come together. The purpose for this is to develop a pool of alumni who form an Alumni Advisory Board of eight to twelve men. This board will directly advise colony officers once a recolonization has taken place. The key to start is leadership by a few alumni willing to take some responsibility to ensure future success.

The need for a plan regarding future housing is both a short and long-term goal. This does not mean the immediate need for a capital campaign to raise funding, but it means having alumni maintain communication with the university while looking into options. A year following a recolonization there should be a  common living arrangement. This could be as simple as renting a house around campus for the colony leadership and executive board meetings. Or, it could be working with the university to secure a floor of a residence hall that would include meeting space. The university understands the need for additional Greek housing and is working to implement a plan in the near future.

What this boils down to is the need for several alumni to work a few immediate positions of the Alumni Advisory Board to establish what will become a larger group in the future.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the following areas, please let us know by contacting Josh Green at

P.S. We are looking for a newsletter coordinator, database coordinator, spring-event coordinator, housing investigator, and a homecoming c0-chair.