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John "Button" Salmon

John “Button” Salmon (credit: arizona.edu)

High profile Sigma Nu’s form the University of Arizona:

  1. John “Button” Salmon (EA79): Academic and Athletic leader, coined the phrase “Bear Down.”
  2. Alfred “Corky” Olsen (EA): Past Regent of Sigma Nu Fraternity and member of the Sigma Nu Hall of Honor.
  3. Hal Ashton (EA): Chairman for Diversified Design and Construction, LLC & President of Sigma Phi Beta House Corporation Board and the McKale/Salmon Fund.
  4. Peter Backus (EA): Owner of PB Trading Company and Backus Team Realty and Development.

Non-Epsilon Alpha Sigma Nus at the University of Arizona:

  1. “Pop” McKale (Albion — Gamma Gamma 78): Athletic Director from 1914-1930.
  2. Jim Click (Oklahoma State University — Epsilon Epsilon): Owner of Jim Click Auto Dealerships.

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